The Awards

In honor of George’s thoughtful generosity and deep reflection on each of our eccentricities, I wanted to enhance the recognition of our individuality with the humorous impressions we formed of each other as a group. After spending much time together throughout the field course, these awards, often contrived from inside jokes, are amplified by the artwork that graced each certificate. Several of the meanings can be inferred from George’s post, however I think most of us will recall each explanation with ease and a reminiscent smile, along with a chuckle upon remembering the beer and pizza fueled final night at La Rana Dorada.

DANIEL: Most likely to reincarnate as a German Shepherd Dog

ANDREANNE: Most likely to get bruised peeling an orange

HEATHER: Most likely to take a picture of the poisonous frog before it kills her

LOTTE: Most likely to commit a violent crime after losing at cards

ANGEL: Most likely to trip and fall while coding in Python

STEPHEN: Most likely to reincarnate as a vampire bat

KARTHIK: Most likely to treat a night out as an anthropogenic (anthropological) experiment

CAITLIN: Most likely to get arrested for smuggling rocks

CAMILO: Most likely to find a good spot to chill

KIRA: Most likely to be seduced by a lance-tailed manakin

IVON: Most likely to destroy the dance floor without spilling her mojito

JAVIER: Most likely to somehow find an ant on the moon

CHLOE: Most SPFs per minute

CATHERINE: Least likely to get run over by a boat

GEORGIA: Most quotable. “Tranquilo”

SARAI: Queen bee (with a cold beer in hand)

CARLOS: World’s best dad…already!

OWEN: Captain Cold Beer (He has a PhD…in Science)


All photos provided by Heather Stewart


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