Sketches of Panama


I’ve always found it interesting how – out of all the diversity surrounding us – particular living beings and landscape features have captured our imagination. Over time, some have transformed into symbols and acquired cultural meaning (like the Kapok tree in Mayan mythology). Poetry is a nice way to re-imagine and play with these symbols. Therefore I thought I’d share a few of my sketches (together with approximations in English) from the last three weeks.

Tierra de nubes, nubes de tierra
Sentado al pie del Kapok.
Nubes de tierra, tierra de nubes.

Las aguas verdes van subiendo.
El tigrillo recorre tus sueños.
Serpiente azúl que traga la luna.

Mis pensamientos se caen
como ojas en un bosque de agua,
pronto a ser pobladas de arañas.

El corotú extiende sus brazos.
Dos manos en la sombra,
recogiendo semillas de cacao.

En las greñas verdes de la montana
se sienta la niebla. A timbales
llega la noche de polillas.

El aire se vuelve viscoso.
Peces de bruma buscan el agua.

El mar amaneció picado.
Recife librado de roca
por olas de sueño.

Solo ahora,
con los cangrejos siguiendo las mareas
y tus pies, medio danzantes,
trazando figuras en la arena,
entendí el significado de

English approximations

Earth of clouds, clouds of earth.
Sitting at the foot of a Kapok tree.
Clouds of earth, earth of clouds.

The green waters are rising.
A Jaguar roams your dreams.
Blue snake who swallows the moon.

My thoughts are shed
like leafs in a forest of water,
soon to be populated by spiders.

The Corotú stretches its arms.
Two hands in the shade
picking up cocoa seeds.

In the mountain’s shaggy hair
fog finds refuge. To the sound of timbales
the night of moths arrives.

The air becomes viscous.
Fish of mist in search of water.

The sea wakes up distraught.
Reef freed from rock,
by waves of sleep.

Only now
with the crabs following the tides,
and your feet, slightly dancing,
drawing figures into the sand,
do I understand the meaning of



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