2. Le pensée sauvage


According to Gabriel Tarde, the social should not be apart from associations with biology psychology economics, philosophy, metaphysics etc., because that is precisely what social scientist should study: associations. This is what I aim to find in this course, the interconnection between communities that connect with other systems beyond the human: What Lévi-Strauss called “le pensée sauvage” and Eduardo Kohn decoded as “Sylvan thinking”.  In a few words, I’m looking for the chains of not domesticated associations  that might be related to predatory or trophic chains but also with other kind of interactions like mutualism, symbioses, parasitism etc. Why an anthropologist would be interested on this? Martin Heidegger in “Letter on Humanism” (1947) says, “Language is the house of the truth of Being” thus I would like to find other ways of communication, other languages beyond the human’s symbolic indices in order to better communicate,  understand and reconnect with the world.

Camilo Gc


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