From ants to minds

To be honest I am not the type of person that likes insects as study organisms. But this week I changed my mind about them. I thought they were boring. Now I see how wrong I was.

As part of the course we have the opportunity to meet researchers from many different fields. These researchers share their knowledge with us in their talks. But what I have found more interesting is getting to know them on the field. And one of these researchers was Dr. Ehab A. from McGill University. He has worked on ants for the last 15 years (these organisms, I thought were boring).

IMG_4459The day started with heading to the pipeline road to look for ant colonies. Dr. Ehab got in to the bus and started talking with all the students. He was asking about our projects, supervisors and offering his support if needed. We spent the morning looking for ants. In the evening before his talk he asked us for help, we were going to dig some ant colonies. He was very enthusiastic, digging, screaming, yelling, and jumping. I could see how much he loves his work, and he was able to transmit his passion for his work to all the students. I never thought I could have so much fun working with ants.

In the evening he gave a talk about his research. A very interesting one, he works on development, evolution and plasticity. I now know more about ants and their development. There are some things that I will keep in mind after that day:

  • To keep the enthusiasm for what I do
  • To transmit my passion for the things I like
  • To be humble and friendly
  • To think outside the defined standards, be open to look for many different explanations to answer my biological questions
  • To keep a young and plastic mind







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