Logging flooded wood an answer to deforestation ?

Panama’s bayano dam was built in 1979. To create it, a big part of the tropical forest was flooded. Many villages and farmers were relocated and loose their fertile lands. Fortunatly there is a good side of this tragedy, flooded wood can be used!


Indeed, flooded trees from lago bayano are very popular because apparently their wood stays preserved from bacteria and fungus (even better than unflooded trees!)


It was a really good news for the maintain of the biodiversity. Panamians won’t have to cut trees of the tropical forest, 15,000 hectares of trees are waiting to be cut underwater. Moreover, native panamians will be able to profit from this new market. It seems that it’s a win win situation…

I made some research to understand how can flooded trees can still be used and apparently be better than wood that have never been underwater?


The advantage of flooded wood is that their wood is stripped of its sap (remember that the presence of sap in the wood promotes micro organisms),when immersed, it hardens and becomes imputrescible as illustrated by centuries old pilings of Venice .

As long as it is in the water it is safe from attack (except aquatic critters!). 

Van Coillie et al (1983) Evaluation de la dégradation du bois de conifères immergés durant plus d’un demi-siècle dans un réservoir

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