Pictures from a Crane (and other stuff)

I thought I’d share some photos from the crane today, since I think it was a unanimously fun experience for everyone. It was unique seeing pink tags up in trees and sloths in their habitat. The unique experience with STRI staff goes hand in hand with  the unique opportunities for novel research  with technologies in supreme locations. With many question to ask and the tools to answer them it was very exciting to think of my project with high hopes. DSC_0826.JPGDSC_0827.JPGDSC_0895.JPGDSC_0935.JPGDSC_0902.JPG

In other news, I had the pleasure of meeting Colin Morrison today, someone who is working on a similar project to mine. We discussed projects and I had time to think about mine. So far, I wish to look at tortoise beetle (cassidine chrysomelids) defensive chemistry and their host plant chemistry to see if they sequester, detoxify, or modify their host plant secondary plant compounds. In addition, I have been inspired (Thanks to Elise and Luke) to look at seasonality and day-night patterns of this relationship. I also will look at tortoise beetles from a more temperate region (Illinois) to get a complete look at chrysomelid chemistry. I also have other hopes for this project including looking at the genetics of cytochrome P450s enzymes to see the role they play in the chemical relationship. With the continuing lectures we receive from class I am constantly inspired by various ways one can answer question asked. Very exciting!


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