The First Days

The full immersion into a tropical environment is always different from when you read about it. For associated with tropical environments it always the government and its people, infrastructure, and culture. Once accustomed to these various elements one can truly enjoy the tropics. However, that does not mean I think those things are bad, on the contrary, we have the pleasure of interacting with some great people. While on I arrival things went well, I found myself finding less time for sleep until recently but enjoying more and more my time here. As my back heals and I rest well, things will improve! As for research projects, I have developed on already and hope to talk to Don Windsor about it soon. I suppose I could email him but talking in person will be much better.

I have taken many pictures of fascinating insects, as it is my interest, and I hope the pictures will inspire me to think of questions that can be discussion topics, for that is one of the purposes of this course. I look forward to the rest of this week!


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